CSWDO Bunawan District conducts ‘Davao Ako’ verification

Bunawan residents conducts verification for Davao Ako card

DAVAO CITY — To augment the experience in delivering social services especially during uncertain times, Bunawan district now holds verification process for “Davao Ako” card at Tibungco Barangay Hall.

In an interview, Avelino Nuñez, a social worker in Bunawan district, said that yesterday, January 13, 2021, they had a dry run for their staff to get the hang on how to work fast in verifying qualified recipients of the card. He adds that this endeavor will last for 5 days. At the average, Bunawan district can cater to 1 person for about 5 – 10 minutes. The steps include — but not limited to — taking pictures, asking for affixing signatures, and sorting out data into folders.

“Ang expected namo nga ma-cater in a day is 300 — pero ang actual turnout is only 100 plus.” (Our expected turnout in a day is 300, but the actual figure is only 100 plus.) This has reference to the challenge they face — considering that there are names whose phone numbers that are unattended; thus, cannot be reached. To his view, this challenge slows down the process. Anyhow, he assures that before the 5-day timetable, they will initiate house-to-house operation to reach out those who they think will greatly benefit from the “Davao Ako” card.

The “Davao Ako” card aimed at promoting efficiency, transparency, and seamless delivery of public service. Lead agencies of the “Davao Ako” card are CSWDO, DRRMO, CITC, and partners.