Annual financial assistance for senior citizens 2020 work plan

Date: February 15 – 29, 2021

District: Toril

Name of District Head: Myrna Dadang

Contact Number: 09194431266

Schedule of Pay-outBarangayTimeNo. of Senior CitizensPay-out VenueCSWDO Staff
February 15, 2021Daliaon PlantationWhole Day168Brgy. Daliaon Plantation GymMiyuki Merquita/ Ariel Dablo
CamansiWhole Day93Brgy. Camansi GymMichael Untal
TaglunoWhole Day83Brgy. Tungkalan GymMaria Chona Sally Ann Borras
TungkalanWhole Day233Brgy. Tungkalan GymPrima Raotraot
AlambreWhole Day130Brgy. Alambre GymMitchie Antipuesto
EdenWhole Day130Brgy. Eden GymBelinda Bajada/ Lorelei Helburion
BayabasWhole Day201Brgy. Bayabas GymPamela Tayum/ Lellabe Angga
TaguranoWhole Day85Brgy, Tagurano GymMaria Ailene Blancada
KilateWhole Day83Brgy. Kilate GymAsnia Macaangcos
BatoWhole Day351Brgy. Bato GymRoland Ian Madolora
February 16, 2021Crossing BayabasWhole Day689Brgy. Crossing Bayabas GymKristine Comendador/ Belinda Bajala
SibulanWhole Day137Brgy. Sibulan GymPamela Tayum/ Maria Ailene Blancada
Atan-aweWhole Day119Brgy. Atan-awe GymLellabe Angga/ Ariel Dablo
BaracatanWhole Day213Brgy. Baracatan GymMiyuki Merquita/ Jill Agnes Hefervez
CatiganWhole Day236Brgy. Catigan GymAsnia Macaangcos
TibuloyWhole Day175Brgy. TibuloyAubrey Relacion
BinugaoWhole Day325Brgy. Binugao GymMichael Untal/ Lorelei Helburion
SirawanWhole Day304Brgy. Sirawan GymRoland Ian Madolora/ Friendly Sanchez
February 17, 2021MuligWhole Day302Brgy. Mulig GymMitchie Antipuesto/ Aubrey Relacion/ Prima Raotraot
Bangkas HeightsWhole Day549Brgy. Bangkas Heights GymMAria Ailene Blancada/ Ariel Dablo/ Belinda Bajala
MarapangiWhole Day316Brgy. Marapangi GymPamela Tayum/ Asnia Macaangcos
Toril PoblacionWhole Day674Brgy. Toril GymMaria Chona Sally Ann Borras/ Roaland Ian Madolora/ Prima Raotraot
February 18, 2021LizadaWhole Day1, 102JV Ferriols Elementary SchoolAubrey Relacion/ Pamela Tayum/ Asnia Macaabgcos/ Maria Ailene Blancada/ Belinda Bajala
LuboganWhole Day863San Miguel Integrated SchoolMichael Untal/ Miyuki Merquita/ Lorelei Helburion/ Lellabe Angga
February 19, 2021DaliaoWhole Day1, 179Brgy. Daliao GymLellabe Angga/ Pamela Tayum/ Asnia Macaangcos/ Aubrey Relacion/ MAria Ailene Blancada/ Miyuki Merquita

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DEVELOPING: Davao CSWDO distributes cash assistance to senior citizens

Since January 29, 2021, Davao City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) has distributed the annual financial assistance to qualified senior citizens in the metro. Still, CSWDO (Davao) stresses out that no senior citizens are allowed to go out. Hence, a representative has to claim it on their behalf.

UPDATE: Catalunan Grande Annual Subsidy Payout was done successfully on March 25th, 2021.

Since January 29, 2021, Davao City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) has distributed the annual financial assistance to qualified senior citizens in the metro. Still, CSWDO (Davao) stresses out that no senior citizens are allowed to go out. Hence, a representative has to claim it on their behalf.

City Treasurer’s Paymaster, Brgy. Social Worker, Eden John Balili assisted by Day Care Workers led the payout in Brgy, Tambobong

The conduct of the payout is compliant with the safety protocols. Stakeholders are to wear face masks and face shields at all time. Also, the team has provided necessary sanitation materials.

Annual Financial Grants to Senior Citizen Pay Out at Brgy. Cadalian Gym catering 146 authorized representatives and 127 from Brgy. Carmen with Brgy. Social Worker Roy B. Bustaleño.

Further, strict physical distancing has been observed to abide by the standard protocol.

A guard on the lookout amidst huge crowd at Brgy. Malagos Gym

In fact, the Annual Financial Grants Payout to Senior Citizen at Brgy. Malagos Gym catering 288 authorized representatives and 307 from Brgy. Gumalang with Brgy. Social Worker Maricel M. Simbre and Kerwin John Yango — was a success. They were assisted by Personnels of PNP 11, 3RD IB, and Brgy. Council of Malagos for the security and to ensure thay all individuals are following health protocols.

The team provides plastic barrier for safety purposes

Venues hosting payouts in Marilog District are at Suawan Gym, Marilog Proper Gym, Kibalang Gym, and Brgy. Datu Salumay gym.

In an earlier Tweet by City Government of Davao, they have announced that Davao CSWDO was set to distribute the financial assistance.

Recent payout was conducted in Dominga and Lacson, Calinan.

To learn more about the annual financial assistance to seniors, click here.


Stay Home Larong Pampamilya Challenge 2021

CSWDO Stay Home Harana sa Pamilya Challenge

CSWDO Larong Pampamilya Challenge 2021
CSWDO Stay Home Pampamilya Challenge rendered by Lord Vincent Van Mendoza

Mechanics and Guidelines

Theme: “ A Family that Sings Together, Stays Home Together, COVID-Free Forever”Open to all families residing in Davao City.

  1. Open to all families residing in Davao City.
  2. Must be performed at home by any member of the family serenading other members of the family.
    Health Protocols must be observed during the harana.
  3. One (1) entry per family is allowed.
  4. Props can be used to make the harana more romantic and likable.
  5. Gestures, languages, and attires offensive to morals are strictly prohibited and will cause for disapproval of entry.
  6. Top Five (5) winners will be chosen according to the total number of likes/hearts/care/wow.
  7. Entry garnering the highest number of likes/hearts/care/wow will be declared CHAMPION.
  8. Not following the mechanics and guidelines will automatically be disqualified.
  9. Entries will be reviewed and approved before publishing them to public for voting. The sender will be notified thru text if entry is approved or disapproved.
  10. Prizes will be given to the Top Five (5) winners
    Champion: 2K Gift Check, Smart Load & Food Pack
    4Winners: 1K Gif Check, Smart Load & Food Pack
  11. Winners will be notified thru text to submitted numbers of participants.
  12. Prizes will be delivered to respective residences.

Submission of Entry starts: February 1, 2021
Deadline of Submission of Entry : February 23, 2021

Voting starts on February 23, 2021 (5 p.m.) and
ends on February 26, 2021 (12 nn).

A Team will count, verify and review the results of likes/hearts/care/wow.
Send entries to:
Write the following information:
Entry for CSWDO Stay Home Harana sa Pamilya Challenge:
Name: ____________________________
Barangay : _________________________
Contact Number: ____________________
Name of the Game: __________________

Note: Joining the contest means allowing the City Government of Davao to use the materials in any ways not jeopardizing to the sender/family and all materials become the property of the organizer.